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Siding For Homes & Businesses

Choosing the right siding for your home is an extremely important decision, so if you’re not sure, let us help you decide which is best for your ideal home or business goals because, with over 15 years of experience in construction, we can help! There are four main siding options, so let’s go through them and their unique features:

Vinyl Siding (Most Popular)


Vinyl siding isn’t the most popular for no reason, it is typically inexpensive, easy to find, and quick to install, requires very little maintenance, and can be cleaned with just soap, bleach, and water. Vinyl is a durable plastic that can be colored and styled in just about any way you prefer (i.e imitation wood or stone texture and color) There are many different variations of vinyl siding.

Wood Siding

Siding wood

Wood siding can be a simple, versatile, and pricey option, but it also requires more maintenance and attention throughout the years, compared to materials like vinyl, stone, or fiber cement. Depending on which weather elements wood siding is exposed to it may need to be treated every 5-10 years. Wood siding boards can be placed horizontally, or vertically, also stained and painted any color you like, along with many other options.

Stone Veneer Siding


Stone Veneer/vinyl siding (installation)

Stone veneer siding is sometimes actual stone cut into thin layers, but more often than not, it is made up of a mixture of cement and other, lighter, but durable materials mixed together; then molded and dried over an actual stone texture to create a lighter, thinner, but durable, hyper-realistic faux stone. Stone veneer is either molded, or cut into thin enough layers so that it can be transported and, installed or replaced easily, usually for far less labor and cost compared to thick-cut stone. Thanks to rapidly improving technology, and manufacturing techniques, stone veneer siding is gaining popularity, improving in quality, and lowering cost. If it’s the stone aesthetic that you’re looking for, but not the price… a stone veneer siding may be your winning choice over a thick-cut stone-built home.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is designed and engineered to be more resistant to fire, weather damage, and pests (termites, woodpeckers, etc.) than traditional materials while also being cost-friendly, this siding option can last for up to 50 years thanks to its engineering. Fiber cement siding outperforms vinyl and wood on average but is more costly than vinyl, and cheaper than high-quality wood. Fiber cement is made up of a blend of cement and other ingredients, somewhat similar to the stone veneer process mentioned above, but the end product typically looks more similar to traditional vinyl, only much better, you can also get the fiber-cement siding styled in imitation wood or stone at a very low cost compared to the actual materials.